Design, construction and installation of factory lighting system

Construction of high-rise building electrical system
October 31, 2019
Construction of high-rise building electrical system
October 31, 2019
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Design, construction and installation of factory lighting system

Construction of factory lighting is an important job related to the productivity and health of the workers in your workshop. Therefore, selecting the electrical engineering contractor is one of the very important things.

1. Construction of factory lighting

Hệ thống đèn chiếu sáng nhà xưởng bao gồm các bóng đèn được nối với nhau bằng dây điện 1 nguồn, có thể bật và tắt cùng 1 vị trí. Kèm theo đó, hệ thống này được chia là nhiều đầu có thể bật và tắt như ở đầu xưởng, cuối xưởng…

This is a system to provide enough light for workers to have enough light to work. If the factory lights are too dark, it will greatly affect the productivity, production schedule and eyesight of workers.

2. How to choose LED lighting factory lighting

The economic problem is always the top priority, so the investors are always looking for full featured products but lose the least economic value. If you choose a light bulb for the workshop that is bothering you, you can read on the following article.

The use of LEDs for factories is now quite popular and becoming a new trend that is interested and trusted by many investors and business owners. To make a good choice, users need to have some basic technical knowledge of the product to know if the product is suitable for the factory or not. Here are a few criteria for users to refer to when buying LEDs for their factory.

– First, you need to choose the brands with clear origins, reputations in the lighting industry as well as highly appreciated people to install the electrical system for the factory.

– To choose a good brand, you can consult information online as well as consult the people who have used before.

– Besides, you can consult the advice of the design team in the industry to receive the most useful advice.

– When you buy genuine products, you will enjoy the warranty, clear maintenance.

– To identify genuine products, the usual way is to light your lamps for about 4-5 minutes, Led products do not get hot bulbs.

– You should not buy the product when the light emits blue. If the light turns green, it indicates that the ball is using a poor quality Led chip.

3. Design, construction and installation of lighting systems for factories and factories

The selection of the contractor is dependent on the needs of each investor, but now the M&E contractor is preferred because they always have the necessary equipment as well as labor. Always meet your time and quality requirements.

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