Construction of high-rise building electrical system

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October 31, 2019
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Construction of high-rise building electrical system

A large electrical system, which supplies electricity to a region, or a country, is also called a grid and can be further subdivided into three large areas: generators (power generation), transmission systems loads (bringing electricity to consumption places) and distribution systems (supplying electricity to industrial, commercial and apartment areas). Smaller electrical systems can also occur internally in industrial parks, hospitals, homes, airplanes, cars, etc.

Thi công hệ thống điện

Most major power systems in the world today use three-phase AC systems, but when it is necessary to travel over very large distances (over 500 km), the study shows that a better solution is to use DC transmission technology.

1. Choose the option for executing the electrical system of a high-rise building

Based on the architectural plan, we can offer many different power supply options. Mechanical and electrical contractors must meet the following requirements in order to be considered for reasonable electricity construction plans:

– Ensuring electrical quality, ie ensuring that frequencies and voltages are within the permitted ranges.

– Ensure reliability, continuity of power supply in accordance with the requirements of the load.

– Convenient to operate assembly and repair

– Having reasonable economic and technical criteria

Construction of high-rise electrical systems includes the following:

– Abundant and diverse load (voltage, capacity, phase …)

– The load is concentrated in narrow spaces, the load density is relatively high.

– There are backup power supply systems (batteries, generators …)

– The installation space is limited and must satisfy the technical requirements in construction architecture.

– High requirements on working mode and safety for users.

The above are very important issues because the proper and rational determination of such issues will directly affect the operation, exploitation and promotion of the efficiency of the electricity supply system. Therefore, in order to determine the most appropriate power supply plan, we must examine the entire real ground of the high-rise building, the data related to the later construction work. There must be many options to provide electrical system construction to compare and choose the optimal plan.

2. Making electrical design plan

After choosing the construction plan of the high-rise building system, the contractor will design a power supply plan for a plaintiff of the building, execute the lighting system for the building. buildings, grounding calculations, lightning protection for buildings, fire alarm system design.

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